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Non-Immigrant Visas

Non-Immigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant Visas (NIV) are for international travelers (citizens of other countries) coming to the United States temporarily.  This visa allows you to travel to a U.S. port-of-entry (an airport, for example) and request permission of the Department of Homeland Security immigration inspector to enter the U.S.  A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States.

International travelers come to the U.S. for a wide variety of reasons, including tourism, study, business, medical treatment, and certain types of temporary work.

All NIV applicants must apply electronically using the online DS-160 application form.

  •  Go directly to DS-160 . 

Travel to the United States is welcomed and encouraged.  Please read our Customer Service Statement as we are committed to the essential openness for which the United States has always been known.

Important Notice

  • Photo guidelines
    Photo guidelines
    Photo requirement and production
    for U.S. travel documents. 
  • Visa Services (Cairo Consular Appointments)

    If you currently have an appointment for a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and wish to apply in Khartoum after July 1, please take the following steps:
    1-Cancel your appointment in Cairo by calling the visa information line;
    2-Resubmit a 
    DS-160 application form, indicating that you wish to apply in Khartoum;
    3-Make an online appointment for an interview with the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum. 
    --See “How to Apply” under Nonimmigrant Visas on this page for further information.