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Federal Benefits

Social Security

Any U.S. citizen may be presumed to have a need for a social security number.

If a non-U.S. citizen wishes to apply for a social security number he must submit evidence of his present need for the number. This could be a letter to the applicant requesting that he supply his social security number.

Each U.S. citizen or alien who has established the need for a social security number should complete and sign an application form, available at the ACS.

All applicants for original social security numbers must submit documentary evidence of their identity, age and citizenship.

Where the application is signed by one person on behalf of another, e.g. a parent for a child, the signer's own identity must be established.

As evidence of age the applicant should submit his birth certificate. If you were born in the U.S. you need to submit your American birth Certificate. If you were born in Sudan you need to submit your Sudanese birth certificate.

Evidence of your identity and citizenship is your passport.

You can present photocopies along with the originals of these documents to the consular section at the Embassy to certify these photocopies as originals. Then, send the certified photocopies to the Social Security Administration, International Program Service Center, P.O. Box 1756, Baltimore, MD 21203, U.S.A. Allow 120 days for a reply.

The consular section performs a variety of services on behalf of other federal agencies. You may collect federal income tax forms here, as well as pick up your Social Security check. However, the consular section cannot represent you in any dealings that you may have with another federal agency. We can try to assist you in finding addresses or phone numbers for the agencies in the United States, but we are not permitted to write or telephone on your behalf.

Application for a Social Security Card, Form SS5 (PDF 158Kb).

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